Presently, I'm the lead Catalogue Photographer for in Winchester, one of the leading Antique and Interiors Auction houses in the country. Away from that, I like pictures that tell stories. Over the years I have conducted commercial shoots (album covers, promotional photography), Weddings and handfastings, family portraits, events and all sorts of other things. Working with people who love what they are doing is a joy and a privilege, and the pictures speak for themselves.


Gratuitous picture of my Nanny. She's great.


Anyhow... I have worked as a freelance picture editor and retoucher for the last ten

years. The majority of my work has been for Neale James, one of the UK's top wedding photographers. In the last two years, I have also gained regular work and top experience with fellow wedding Industry professionals Ian Martindale and Linus Moran

As a photographer, it is a hard thing to 'give away' your untouched images for someone else to do anything with. Unnerving to the extent that some photographers wouldn't dream of doing it in the first place! Part of the skill of a retoucher is to see in a picture what the photographer saw when they took it. More detail about the art of my retouching can be found here - if you think I could be of use to you and your business in the same way, do get in touch!

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