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If having a 'Trusty Sidekick' is what you're after then I'm your woman.


Diary management and logistical planning, project consultancy, hands on practical organisation, I apply all of my skills to your ideas to make them a straightforward reality. Efficient and reliable (I sound like a family car, don't I?) I identify and take care of details, freeing you up to focus on whatever you need to do.

  • Radio PR for Amazon, eBay, The Discovery Channel, Seat, Guinness, Barclays, Nestle, Sport England, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Jaguar, the DVLA and TVLicensing.
  • Performer, then latterly Showrunner for Mind Body Spirit shows across the UK, performing and presenting to hard deadlines.
  • Planning, managing and executing successful worldwide concert tours with Tim Wheater.
  • Oh, and a Grammy nomination in 2006 (Longlist as opposed to shortlist but still a nice thing)

I offer administrative support with a wealth of creative experience in Music, Media, Events and Production. I'm equally comfortable working in Live and Recording environments, behind the scenes or 'front of house' or a mixture of both.


I also have 10+ years hands on experience of making excellent radio. I have worked as a presenter at several local stations and networks, learning the craft from the inside. My preferred work was as a Producer, sourcing excellent spokespeople for interesting features. When, as a producer, you trust your presenter, and your presenter knows they can trust you, you can really fly with any subject - and getting to the core of a story through empathic but incisive questioning can be a spellbinding experience, even if you've only suggested the odd question and the presenter is running with it. Phone-ins are fun, but it was hearing real people talk about real issues and situations that was my favourite show to produce. Mid Morning 'Lifestyle' show was very much my jam and I loved the years I spent working on it at Radio Victory.


Producing documentaries was always fascinating. As with my photography, letting an expert in their field share what they know is a pleasure, and knowing when to let the silence do the talking is a rare skill I learned from doing it.


Presenting travel news on the County Sound Radio Network was a sporadic pleasure in those early days - I once got taken off air for suggesting that the Shepherd and Flock Roundabout in Farnham was a bit 'constipated'. If you know it, you'll understand why this *was* the best way of describing it that particular morning rush-hour, but the station manager didn't agree. On the bright side, through a random series of coincidences that particular episode gave me the chance to interview Mike and the Mechanics, so I think I did well out of it.


PR and Marketing came next, through a couple of companies in London. I would liaise between Commercial clients (some listed above) and the UK's radio stations to create engaging radio-tailored content that keps both parties happy. I got National Sausage Week on Steve Wright in the Afternoon (BBC Radio 2) back in the good old days when the BBC could do competitions, and he gave away a watch that had a sausage on the second hand! I know! Such showbiz!


After that, was researching and compiling music databases for a couple of Internet Radio projects. This was before Internet Radio was the many tentacled beast it is today - the biggest was with the Odeon Cinema group and was called 'Flix Radio - the Music of the Movies' and did exactly what you'd want a film radio station to do. 100% of the music was from film soundtracks, and the only adverts were film trailers. If only fibre broadband had been a twinkle in BT's eye and the majority of people not still on dial up, eh? I used to write and record film news with the help of Empire Magazine, and use clips from what was then IRN.


It has got a lot deeper and warmer since those days. My singing career that came much after all of this and gave me a wealth of understanding with regards breathing and voice control. Good fun, always - but I enjoyed shaping and producing others more. Having had experience both sides of the microphone - live and recorded - presenters know that I have a strong handle on what needs to happen which brings a strong bond that can be priceless in a tight spot!


This understanding also comes in handy when wielding a camera in studios. Presenters are not all fond of cameras (or having people in their studio, some of them!), but i'm always very grateful to show them why they perhaps might like to consider it once in a while. Thanks, Gary.


Email me if you think i'm worth a chat about your project. I'll bet you a fiver it's worth it.

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